The Personal Touch

To kick off a series of posts presented over the next month or so, covering albums I consider important to me. I will start with the mind explodingly amazing album, Strati by Stemage.

In 2006, Stemage released his solo album Strati. Catchy riffs, honest vocals and lyrics were all pieces to this great listening experience. From a collection of amped up songs like: Anosmium and Fabulous Fabulist. To the more introspective tracks such as: Luna and In Dependence. An album that is full of variety, while still retaining its identity is something not to be passed up.

Around the time it came out I was still fairly new to music. I listened to your typical popular artists like: Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Gorillaz and others I don’t care to mention right now. After hearing the record Strati, my musical cherry had exploded into confetti of crack addicted, rainbow-oozing squirrels. Doing the horns (\m/) in rhythm to the music, while shedding a single manly tear. For the emotions I had experienced in connection to the music were unrivaled.

In short, this album had heart. Something in which most artists now days don’t have or even attempt to bring to the table. It’s cliche, but music can become jaded with with the abuse of post production work. It loses it’s raw feeling. It’s connection to the person who wrote and or performed it begins to wear thin and becomes something distant and unattached. While it is good to have great music sound equally amazing, you know when you’re losing something for the sake of production and perfection. The beauty and complexity of our humanity becomes dominated by machines and is altered to match what is called “correct” and “perfect”. We lose who we are when that happens. I think I ranted, but I wanted to say that.

Anyway, in short this album is a perfect blend of artist and production. Something in which we can actually feel what he is playing and singing. So, do yourself a favor and check it out.  And don’t forget to try and actually feel the words, rhythms, melodies and timbre of his voice wash over you.


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