Materia Collective and Chronicles of Time

New music post time!

While 2015 may have been an awful year for me, I did manage to complete a few arrangements from some very beloved series. First, I’d like to talk about the new-ish Materia Collective album, “SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed”. I’m very proud to say that I was a part of such a wonderful and devoted group of musicians known as the Materia Collective. The entire team had three months to arrange and mix a song from Final Fantasy VIII and we ended up making an incredible album of around 93 tracks. However, I wasn’t alone on my contribution! Dan Taylor, who you may know from Yes, Mayhem or Metroid Metal, helped me out by contributing bass! It was really fun and challenging, so please check out the album in the links below! I promise there’s something for everyone 🙂

Available on iTunes!
Check it out here on Loudr!

There’s more! I was also on the Chrono Trigger album, Chronicles of Time. I contributed two tracks as, WARK! If you didn’t already know, WARK is an internet VGM band I’ve made up. The lineup is pretty scattered, but I think these are some of the best covers I’ve ever done. Not without help from some amazing friends of course 😉

Anyway, Chronicles of Time is massive. The entire team together covered EVERY SONG from the original game. Again, there’s definitely going to be something for everyone on this. Here’s some links. Please check it out and give it some love. All profits go towards, Doctors without Borders.

Available on iTunes!
Check it out here on Loudr!


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