John Weible is a composer, arranger, sound designer, and writer from Louisville, KY.

Also, check out my Video Game Cover band, WARK!

Equipment List:
-FL Studio 12 (DAW)
-Sony MDR-V600 (Headphones)
-Scarlett 2i2 (Audio Interface)
-M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Midi Controller)
-E-MU Proteus FX (Sound Module)
-Fender Stratocaster
-Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Guitar
-ESP LTD B-55 Bass Guitar
-Mitchell Acoustic Guitar
-Spectrum Short Scale Acoustic Guitar

Some of my favorite composers include:
-Grant Kirkhope
-Robin Beanland
-David Wise
-Graeme Norgate
-David Clynick
-Jeremy Soule
-Koji Kondo
-Kazumi Totaka
-Nobuo Uematsu
-Kumi Tanioka
-John Williams


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