Cool Albums and Stuff + The Writings of a Game Music Nerd.

I want to start a small blog series about certain albums that have a special place in my life. Albums that play on more than just occasion. Part of the reason I want to do this is simply for a self awareness. To meditate on why these albums are so important to me. What about them clutches me in their grasp and have me hanging on every second of sound being played. 1…2…3…4… That’s what I hope to accomplish. To learn something about myself. I hope to start that sometime this week but in other news,

I’m writing a book.

A book in which I don’t know how long it will be or how it will even end. In my last blog post I mentioned I was starting an album and that’s what this book is in a sense. It’s the story on the which the album will be based. The reason I decided to actually write a story instead of just write the music is because I wanted to get as close to the feelings and emotions as I can. Writing it seemed the best way to start. So once I finish the story I will start the music and start an intense editing process. I want this to be perfect for you guys. I want this to be perfect for me. This is going to prove to be the most difficult artistic endeavor I have ever made and I want it to mean something special to me and hopefully once it’s done to you as well. More info will be provided as I continue with it but for now this is all I can say.

One other thing before I go. This happened!

I’m so happy for these guys who worked so hard on this kick-starter and I’m SUPER glad to see that it was successfully funded.
Check out the trailer and find out more here:
and here


New album + Video Game Arrangements coming soon!

I can’t say much about the album I’m working on other than it’s big. Big and scary. It’s going to be a concept record so I need more time to work through what it’s actually about before I can even start the music. It’s coming along nicely though. A lot of gamers I think are going to be able to connect with it and know where I’m coming from.

But before all that needs to be finished, I have to do a few remixes/arrangements. A few for a mana album and 1 for a friends album release. I’m considering Songs for the Cure this year but I’m getting hammered by life lately so we’ll see if I can work well under pressure.